About Scrapstore

SCRAPSTORE, Swindon is a low cost community resource centre and environmental charity that is home to a multitude of projects dedicated to releasing the untapped potential of all things, people and possibilities.

An Aladdin's cave of materials ready to stimulate your imagination. From crafts to furniture, reclamation to DIY and play - SCRAPSTORE has something for you. 

What We Need

We are interested in any materials or items that can be used in an art, craft, DIY, reclamation or play context. So long as all materials are clean, safe and suitable all it takes is a call to confirm and we are more than capable of taking large quantities off your hands €“ even clearing whole offices and stockpiles!

The more colourful and unusual the better, particularly with regard to paper, fabrics and plastics. If you can deliver, great! If not, call and we will arrange a convenient collection. Do something amazing today and get in touch. 


We are open to any member of the general public and support schools, community groups, child-minders, nurseries, colleges, students, youth groups, after-school clubs, crafters, art and drama groups, to name only a few. Our aim is to provide access for all to low cost creative materials, inspiration and resources. Whoever you are there will be a SCRAPSTORE for you.



Media and Press

Please Vote for Swindon Children's Scrapstore to help us win £100,000! This money would make an massive difference to our charity and community project enabling us to benefit more people . Support Swindon children’s Scrapstore by voting at Finalists vote Swindon children’s Scrapstore by voting at Finalists vote We would be extremely grateful for your votes. Please share this post with your friends and let us know you have voted.

Scrapstore is proud to have been featured and recommended both locally and nationwide. Have a browse through of where we've been mentioned and promoted and keep an eye out for us on TV and Radio too! From Our Projects to Our Volunteers we are proud of everything Scrapstore as we work together to change perceptions about the possibilities of waste, the environment and individuals!

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Scrapstore Awards

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Gazette and Herald 2003 - The Queens Golden Jubilee Award

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SCRAPSTORE 'Resources' is a bank of odds, ends and possibilities primed and ready for whatever reuse, up-cycling, hobby crafting or DIY project you have in mind. Transforming 'Waste Things into Play Things'€˜ and offering individuals and communities the opportunity to experiment with different colours, textures and materials - we have it all! The weird and the wonderful!

Our warehouse stocks a bank of odds, ends and possibilities primed and ready for whatever reuse, up-cycling, hobby crafting or DIY project you have in mind. So whether you are a crafter, representative of a school, community group, child-minder, nursery, college, student, youth group, after-school club, Mum or Dad, art and drama group or just someone who loves a good find - come along and explore. 

Our resources are open to everyone alike, members or non-members, all are welcome to pop by, browse and take away their chosen treasures! We do however have a range of membership options available should you decide the benefits they bring could save you even MORE money!


VISITORS - Come along and fill a basket of any odds and ends of treasure you find for only £5. Hungry for more? Fill a whole trolley for £15! Just have a nosy and explore the SCRAPSTORE, select whatever items and materials you want and once you have finished return to the reception to make your donation for your materials. It's as simple as A.B.C.

MEMBERS - Membership is open to absolutely everyone! For an annual subscription you can collect materials from the SCRAPSTORE Resources a free of charge all year round with literally endless possibilities. All it takes is a quick chat with one of our staff members on reception and you're up and running!

Or for more information just call us on 01793 513 982, we're always happy to talk you through your options! Or alternatively download our Membership Form RIGHT NOW. 





Swindon Scrapstore is a fantastic place for local parents, childrens workers or community groups on fixed budgets to find resources. I have been a member for 3 months, but have already found some great things that are not available in regular shops or the alternative would have cost lots of money. I have discovered bits & pieces for a reward chart for my son, birthday party bags and games, made magnetic pictures & glove puppets, planted trays of seeds and put netting over our little vegetable patch.

Our next project is to create our own Olympic games, so we are using leftover cones from spools of wool, bottle tops, etc to make sports cones, horse jumps and targets most of the materials would otherwise have been thrown away by companies as defective for their purpose or a by-product of manufacture. As a previous employee of a local company that has supplied waste to Swindon Scrapstore, I know that these good quality resources will otherwise end up in a skip, but a little bit of imagination recycles them into a game or a craft or a new use at very little cost to a local family or group.

Mrs L. Gough - Tweed Close, Haydon Wick


I have worked now for Kingsdown School for nearly 7 years and was introduced to Swindon Scrapstore early on in my employment. As Design Technology Technician I work predominately in Food Technology, Textiles and Art . I have found Swindon Scrapstore invaluable over the years offering inspiration and resource to aid and compliment teaching and enhance the education of the pupils studying at the school. It is not unheard of for me to bring a boot load of goodies back to school ranging from fabrics, acrylics, cardboard, paint and unusual things that might come in handy! Art are always in need of pots, odds and ends tubes and the like to make create and just have fun with.

Having this resource to hand gives the opportunity to offer a more unique selection of materials for the students, helps towards our financial budget all on an ethical platform in aid of a good cause and reducing land fill to boot. I am happy with the service and would highly recommend it to others.

Lizzie Chick, DT Technician - Kingsdown School, Swindon 

About Scrapstore

About Scrapstore

Swindon Children's Scrapstore is a registered charity and low cost community resource centre which is home to a multitude of projects. The Scrapstore is an Aladdin's cave full of materials ready to stimulate your imagination. From Crafts and Play to Office Furniture and Computing, the Scrapstore has something for everyone.

Our Partners & Supporters

We have been establishing partnerships since our foundation in 1985 and the longevity and strength of these relationships is testimony to our belief in win-win relationships. So many of the SCRAPSTORE Project's from RePaint to Resources are reliant upon the patronage of major household brands and companies whom we are ever proud to be associated with.

For us, reuse and repurposing is about the creation of value, ensuring accessibility and abundance of resources and overall in the preservation of quality. Because we believe that things can always be better when people work together.

In addition to these suppliers and household brands as our supporters we must mention also our inspirational and amazing backers who supply the funding, support and financial capital to get many of our newer projects off the ground. These foundations, trusts and local businesses are the silent heroes behind our good works and without them our communities would be a poorer place, in every possible way.

SCRAPSTORE, Swindon does everything it can to ensure fiscal sustainability and self-reliance though occasional financial investment is invaluable in growing, evolving and ever improving our projects, facilities and our service to the community. Find out a little more About Us.